OBERON IS THE LATEST IN NON-INVASIVE EQUIPMENT for Bio-Resonance and NLS Analysis of the Human Body Including Therapy, Remedy Preparation, nutrition Suggestions and Supplement Testing

Oberon Biofeedback Machine

Oberon biofeedback is a company dedicated to empowering individuals and naturopathic practice owners. Manufacturing Oberon machines for more than a decade and creating practical ways of affective therapy.

As demand for biofeedback machines rises, Oberon Biofeedback company is continuously working on business plans for distributors, training material, technical support and offer best price to the clients and customers.

Oberon biofeedback works on what is called Bio-resonance technology bio meaning body and resonance, referring to the response of body frequencies. This technology detects and reads the electromagnetic oscillations produced by every molecule, cell, organ, gland and system in the body. The natural body energy fields are altered when tissue becomes diseased or damaged. This expertise is used to detect and analyze anything that might be peculiar in the tissue due to illness.

Bioenergetic medicine

Bioenergetic medicine is the best option when it comes to therapy. The human body is an organism made of various systems. Organs are composed of tissues, tissues are made of cells, cells are composed of compounds so on and so forth. Bioenergetic medicine is a way of tapping into the body to see the factors needed to bring it back to a state of health. This kind of medicine helps in restoring the health of a person.

Bioresonance is one of the oldest forms of therapy modalities. Bioresonance machines are used to give therapy with devices; these devices can heal without any side effects and are very gentle. It is best long-term to treat diseases with non-invasive not therapies rather than medicine because there are absolutely no negative side affects and the results are long term rather than short term masking of degenerative disease.


Oberon biofeedback is a company that specializes in bio-resonance technology, bio energetics medicine and bio resonance machine. Now it is easy to turn imbalanced bodies into balanced organisms without any invasive procedures and harmful medicines.