Every year 12 million adults in the USA are misdiagnosed.

Oberon is 95-98% accurate and is completely NON-invasive! The use of Oberon is not limited to medical professionals only, it can be used by anyone. You can identify the root causes of your health concerns right in your home.

Out of pocket costs for medical care in the USA average $27 Billion each year.

Oberon cost is less than most people spend on healthcare in one year. We will never charge annual fees of any kind after the purchase. Buy Oberon and never pay another fee again.

Don’t get cheated out by buggy copies out of China.

Unlike the many Oberon Biofeedback copies poorly developed in China, we offer the original product manufactured in Russia where the scientists originally developed this ground-breaking system.

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Both of us are extremely impressed with the Oberon System especially the rate of its accuracy. It is unparalleled to any system we have experienced or come across.  Its effectiveness has produced incredible results among our client base.

Brigitte Veith, Lena Mascarin, Bio Resonance practitioners, Canada

I have been working with the device since 2008 and I continue to find it extremely accurate. Thank you to the developers of this device, as they are keenly aware of the necessity for accuracy and how detecting frequency imbalances at an early stage is able to enhance health and well being.

Sandy Klang, Bio resonance practitioner, San Francisco, USA

The Oberon machine is simply amazing and incredibly accurate.  Often times, my clients can’t believe the results by simply wearing a pair of specialized headsets. I love the ability to simply call or email if I have a question.

Dr. Janet Smith, Naturopathic Doctor, United Kingdom


We believe that the support and training offered by our company is the reason our customers are able to see the results with their machines. Knowledge of the product enables the user to use it to its full potential and access to our trainers makes our customers feel taken care of and confident in times when they may need help.

With the purchase of a new Oberon Biofeedback device, our customers receive a 3-year warranty on the hardware portion of the device, technical support, customer service, software updates and free training online personally with our trainer.

Personal training is available by appointment only and needs to be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to the desired appointment day and time. Time zone differences need to be considered when customers are outside the USA.

Training is done through Skype and TeamViewer. Without TeamViewer the trainer cannot show the customer features of the program at the same time and see what features questions are referring to. TeamViewer is a password protected program and only allows the trainer access when given and denied access at any time during the session. There are no privacy concerns with TeamViewer when both parties are present.

If TeamViewer is not downloaded on the customer’s computer, the only other training option is the training videos provided by the trainer via email and in the Oberon package when delivered.

After 3 training sessions personally with our trainer, customers will be charged $40 per hours for training.  Customer service including consultations will also be charged $40 per hour after the initial 3 training sessions which are free.

It is important to note that when training is needed, it is up to the customer to inquire, set an appointment and be on time at the appointed hour. Our trainers care very much about our clients but must be able to spend time wisely. The practical measure must be taken in order to be successful in this area. Please make sure you are reaching out to the trainer yourself and not waiting for them to reach out to you.

Technical support is always provided at the technician’s earliest convenience and again, TeamViewer is required in order to provide the best support and timeliest support.

Software installation support is provided the first few times and required to be learned by the customer for future installations, uninstalling and updates. Step by step videos of all the steps will be provided and additional help always there if needed. Ideally customers will know how to perform installations on their own once learned how.

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