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We are THE ORIGINAL Oberon Biofeedback System

Unlike the many systems copies made in China and other places, Oberon Biofeedback system is the original product manufactured in Russia with the best and the most affordable price!

Oberon Biofeedback which manufactures and markets Oberon Biofeedback system is a wholly owned subsidiary of K.D.G. Nature’s Cure Inc of Camas, WA. Owned and operated by Anatoliy Vykhovanets has been in alternative health care for more than fifteen years. Our team is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles, natural cures, and non-invasive therapies. Having been involved since the early days of the development of Bioresonance and Bioresonance biofeedback therapies we are fully committed to bringing benefits of this alternative medicine throughout the world.

Distant Scanning. Amazing Oberon Results

The OBERON biofeedback system provides the following:

  • “Auto-Diagnostic feature” with “Detailed Report”
  • Molecular resonance imaging technology
  • Provides a fast full-body evaluation interpretation
  • It is based on advanced research in homeostasis and informational technologies.
  • Targeted for early recognition and prevention of future dis-ease.
  • Monitors and decodes cellular oscillations
  • Safe for patients / clients and healthcare practitioners / technicians
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to carry

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About Oberon Biofeedback

OBERON BIOFEEDBACK has been operating in the field of the complementary medicine for over 30 years.  We developed a biofeedback system that allows you to obtain the information about the earliest manifestations of the diseases, using the innovative biofeedback method, which captures imbalance in the body earlier than any other “diagnostic” machine such as Ultrasound, MRI, X-rays and other up-to-date technologies of conventional medicine. The Oberon company and the team is dedicated to promoting preventive medicine, natural cures, and non-invasive therapies. We are fully committed to bringing benefits of Oberon throughout the world.

We set our prices according to market demand and funding for innovative improvements. Our vision is to equip our users to take care of themselves so they are able to take care of others in the same passionate manner. Our vision has always been to turn profits into progress and we have done this over the past 30 years. People will always be of the most value to us and we go above and beyond for each and every OBERON user we work with.

We offer financial assistance for families who cannot afford to purchase Oberon at retail cost, please email us for a Financial Assistance Application. A big THANK YOU to the people who donate to this fund and allow us to help those in need.

We take suggestions of our users seriously and focus on using their feedback to provide better software updates each time. We do not have any hidden fees, agendas or purposes. Our system has proven to be accurate, effective and life-changing for our customers and this very fact pushes us forward into the future.

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OBERON Is For Everyone

Anyone and everyone who is interested in having control of their health can use OBERON. Anyone who needs therapeutic recovery from a health imbalance and a preventative method to monitor health-using frequencies can use OBERON. Our team is dedicated to providing the best quality training in order to make regular people experts on our system and experts of their health. In fact, personal training online is free and ongoing.

People who fall in the above categories are welcome to try our OBERON biofeedback device and can facilitate themselves with the results.

Family Doctors

Family doctors have a unique opportunity to use OBERON Biofeedback in their practice due to the client base and level of trust built with patients. OBERON is non-invasive and very straight forward. If at any time a patient comes in with a difficult health symptom the doctor may use Oberon to identify where frequency imbalances are and how to bring them back to balance in order to help the patient recover.

Clinics and Medical Facilities

OBERON biofeedback device helps examine the clinical and initial reception efficiently. This method not only helps you save your time but you can also lower the costs of the analysis process. Now you may not have to send your patients to the specialists, as this device will let you examine all the issues they may have and can provide you with a treatment and healing method. OBERON is very detailed and will provide the information necessary to approach the patients unique health concern without invasive procedures and expansive testing.

Education Facilities and Employers

A health scan once a month can be a huge step to preventative health and a heads up for any affected person. Knowing what imbalances are present in the body can lead to options in therapeutic methods to avoid serious illness in the future. Offering health scans to employees and students will limit the amount of health costs in the future and insure the health of those students and employees.

Sports, Recreation Centers and Fitness Facility

While performing serious exercises one must have a continuous monitoring of the health. Offering health scans as part of an exercise regime will benefit the athlete as well as the facility by avoiding long term health problems due to over indulgence of specific foods or over strain of exercise. OBERON offers options for food recommendations and a test of vitamin levels in the body to make sure all is normal.

Family and Friends

OBERON biofeedback device helps you monitor the health of your friends and family. You can easily scan family members and look into imbalances, monitor and provide therapy to balance them out. Saving the family thousands in medical bills and avoiding terminal illness by catching it in advance and naturally healing the process.

Cosmetics and Spa Salons

Those interested in better health and youthful appearance must first learn about the internal condition of their organs, tissues and cells. Looking great and feeling great is important, but it is also important to be healthy from the inside out in order to live a long and healthy life to enjoy these luxuries. OBERON Biofeedback offers health scans on skin tissue, blood cells and other areas related to good looks. Few of our clients are Spa owners so if you are interested in learning about their experience please email us.

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