Full body systems like Oberon NLS Biofeedback have been in serious danger since the Chinese companies like Medicomed started to copy the authentic genius invention and deteriorate it with terrible training and lack of training. Authentic NLS Systems are harder to find and so people are buying them and buying many of them, primarily from the USA. Big investors come in and undercut all the companies on the market and when they have run all the authentic companies out of business they raise the cost of everything they offered in the beginning. People begin their biofeedback journeys by buying stolen intellectual property which is very contradictory to the field of biofeedback and promoting health and wellness to the patients of these practitioners.

Can someone truly benefit from a copied system? We have done some investigating and when being scanned by a copy of the Metatron Hunter software in New York, I noticed the scan was inconsistent and certainly not the same as with our Oberon system. This is not only my experience but the experience of many of our users which is essentially why they purchased and now love their Oberon systems.

Authentic Oberon Biofeedback:

Authentic NLS SystemsBuying a copied NLS biofeedback device from China not only goes against a wellness approach to life but it hurts the buyer in the long run. If you purchase a system from China, yes, you will save some money. Probably $2,000-$3,000 in savings. However, if the system sits on the shelf in your office, or being misused, misrepresented and misunderstood due to lack of training, it can be used to inaccurately frighten people about health results completely irrelevant to them. Not knowing the ins and outs of the systems features present a risk to every user. Russian researchers used medical terms to put together in the database, a non-medical operator of the system can mislead him/her self and anyone they scan on the device.

Counterfeit System:

It is always better to ask for a discount or payment plan then it is to settle for a product based on price alone. This may not be the case when purchasing a computer, phone, or anything else but it is certainly true and serious in the purchase and use of biofeedback systems like Oberon.

Ask questions. Companies with experts and software developers are not afraid to answer all questions that may be asked of them even if it means admitting their system is lacking in features. Remember that companies are groups of human beings just like you and you have the right to have all the facts before spending your hard earned money.