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Oberon Biofeedback Common Questions (Part 2)


How does Oberon scan the body? Oberon scan is done through a specialized headset which carries trigger sensors to trigger the brain to read and send back frequencies. Any person with a healthy connection between the brain and spine can be scanned using Oberon by the communication with the Central Nervous System and the electromagnetic field. When the headset is on a person’s head, the headset sends a signal to the brain which travels down the spine and into the organ. This information then travels to the Oberon box and is shown in the Oberon software for understanding. How much does [...]

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Oberon Biofeedback Common Questions (Part 1)


Most people who find Oberon are people who are actively searching for Biofeedback and are familiar with the concept. For those who are new to Biofeedback and specifically to NLS Biofeedback systems, below are some common questions and answers which we hope helps in your research or introduction to Oberon Biofeedback. What can the Oberon system do? Scan Oberon biofeedback is a full body scanner which measures the frequencies of body organs, tissues, cells, DNA, Chromosomes, etc. and gives a report of specific illnesses, infections, deficiencies and other detailed information about what was found and what is causing health problems [...]

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Understanding NLS Biofeedback Method


In Biology Every organ in the body is made up of tissues. In biology, tissues are cellular organization levels between the cells and complete organs. A tissue is an assembly of similar cells and extracellular matrixes from the same origin which carry out a specific function. Organs are formed by the functional grouping of the multiple tissues. There are 3 types of neurons Afferent neurons are sensory neurons that transmit sensory signals to the central nervous system from receptors in the body. Efferent neurons are motor neurons that transmit signals from the central nervous system to effectors in the body like [...]

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  • Oberon biofeedback is good for you

Oberon Biofeedback is Good For You


While Oberon has been around for 30 years, people are only recently discovering this extraordinary system and utilizing it in their homes. Oberon comes with a purpose to provide health maintenance and rescue at HOME! To protect the privacy of our users, we cannot list name to associate with any “claims” however, see the comments below! Hello Diana, I am getting dramatic results with doing the therapy 5x5 as I was probable only doing it 3x5 before. I have a fellow 79yo with DIC (disseminated Intravenous Coagulation) Drs had him on Warfarin for 15 years and his arteries had clogged [...]

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Oberon Distributor Opportunities


Here at Oberon Biofeedback, our goal is to spread the wonder of Oberon all across the world and not discriminate based on financial status or education. Oberon can be used by anyone as a Bio resonance system and anyone who knows someone who can benefit from Oberon is welcome to sell a system. There are three classifications of distributorship here at Oberon: Referral Distributor A distributor who sends referrals to us will be compensated with a “referral fee”. The referral, should it turn into a sale, is compensated with a $500-$1000 commission! These referrals are random, with no required number of [...]

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People Behind Oberon Biofeedback


Oberon Biofeedback is a family company established fifteen years ago and in partnership with Oberon manufacturer and software developer in Russia. What started out as a simple distributorship opportunity for us with Oberon in Russia, became an equal partnership and now a worldwide Oberon operation. Oberon consists of four partners who are heads of four departments: Manufacturing Software Development Sales Training In the United States, Anatoliy Vykhovnets and Diana Brown are directors of sales and training. Technical support is a combination of USA and Russia office responsibilities which are shared by appointment when help is needed. NLS Bioresonance system Oberon is [...]

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Pets and Biofeedback


Biofeedback systems in the world have been primarily focused on humans. Here at Oberon Biofeedback, we have been working on developing software for all pet lovers who care deeply about the health of their pets. Veterinary clinics will also have access to our software which focuses on dogs and horses. The key features and development purpose of Oberon Pets software is no different than the use of human Oberon software which is designed for scanning and administering therapy for dogs and all pets with related organs to maintain health and longevity of animals. Not all countries have the luxury of owning [...]

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Finding Allergens and Food Intolerances with Oberon Biofeedback


People often email us asking if Oberon can identify Allergens and Food Intolerances. Simple Answer: YES! Oberon has a list of foods which are recommended for the person and foods to stay away from. You can simply look at the list (correctly) and have a list of recommended foods to eat and foods to stay away from while recovery takes place. With allergens, the process is the same. You can look at the list (accurately) and see what someone is allergic to. Detailed Answer: WHY? Oberon Biofeedback is designed to work in specific ways. One of the main focuses in the [...]

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  • Oberon Biofeedback Cost

Oberon Biofeedback cost is less than any ORIGINAL NLS system in the world!


Oberon Biofeedback cost is something that often surprises people when they start talking to us and asking questions. How can Oberon keep prices so low, being an ORIGINAL NLS system? As most people know, there are many manufacturers in China copying Oberon and making their own versions. Then, they price it at 90% off the original and people cannot help but fall for the bait. We have an extensive list of emails from people who have needed training or software, thinking they have our system. We have no choice but to turn them away because the system they have is not [...]

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Is Oberon Biofeedback For You?


Many people are intimidated by Oberon because they are afraid their lack of computer skills will prevent them from using the system. I am here to tell you that THIS IS NOT TRUE! Oberon software is easy to use and only takes practice to master. Isn’t it worth trying to use simple software in order to give yourself therapy at home?! Of course, it is! Oberon software has a minimal number of pages to navigate and each button is clearly marked with large and easy t see buttons. Our latest software has an automatic report building feature which collects the [...]

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