Biofeedback Accuracy & comparison

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92-98% Accurate

Oberon biofeedback accuracy stands out in the core. One of the major questions we often get asked about the Oberon system is, “how the Oberon device is better than other devices available on the market?” All the companies out there with competing devices are trying to prove that their device is better from the others. This may or may not be true. All NLS devices work on the same basic principle with the major differences being in appearance, software features, support, training, and warranties.

The Oberon system is different from others since it is a biofeedback device that uses a methodology in which the analysis is being conducted by the device itself providing you, with the best results at a lower cost. Keep in mind that training is crucial and our training is offered free and with unlimited sessions. Other devices available on the market either use pulse or moisture of the skin to get results. This is not the best approach for maximizing the biofeedback accuracy. Oberon functions in the area of processing all the information within the electromagnetic field as well as incorporating all the other methods of analysis in order to get the best results. One could call Oberon a “complete” system.

The Oberon system is designed in such a way that it can give the most accurate results for analysis because its function depends on the brain as it accumulates the information about the changes that are taking place in the body. During the process, earphones are placed over the ears of the patient, which will trigger the brain to communicate with the frequencies that occur in the body. Whatever the change is, it will be detected by the Oberon device whether it is bacterial, viral, a parasite, or any other disease or biochemical organism. Whatever organism it is, the device will detect it due to its unique frequency and will identify where it is in terms of its development stage.

The Oberon system uses a therapy method that is designed to strengthen the body along with enhancing its immunity in order to facilitate a fast recovery and to stay healthy. This system is a one-stop shop for practitioners and patients making it convenient for both analysis and therapy. Results are available right away.

The analysis portion is the most important part of our Oberon system. Other parts of the system such as emotional or mental stress become secondary. We have incredible bodies and healing the body at a quicker pace is related to a strong mind, body and spiritual well-being. If you have all of these things you can easily recover from any disease. The Oberon system helps you find specific physical areas of concern to focus on while going through the healing process and then our system continues to help you facilitate the best healing process. Our biofeedback accuracy plays a very strong role in this success.

With training, Oberon Biofeedback Accuracy is 92% to 98%.

Oberon allows for analysis to be done locally and in detail. There are special sensors installed in the device help the device recognize the frequency of the organisms in the presence of the patient determining the state of imbalance

The unique Oberon software helps in detecting the accurate analysis of the patient and then the sensors identify the frequency of the organisms which helps in detecting the best direction in balancing for a healthy life. Among other devices, the Oberon system is the one of the most accurate because it is user-friendly and comes with free training by appointment, support, and services which are crucial to learning the system and operating correctly.

We welcome your questions. We believe that once you have the opportunity to use the Oberon system and witness the results for yourself, you will understand what is so special about it. We recommend you use the device yourself and make the comparison on your own. After comparing and researching all the devices in the market we are confident that you will discover that the Oberon system is the best the market has to offer.