Vector Biofeedback diagnostic machine, like a few others, is a diagnostic system which can identify what is making your body sick. This method of diagnosis is extremely accurate (far more than diagnosis by a human doctor) and NON-INVASIVE. No pokes, no body fluid needed, no description of symptoms required from the patient; AND provides results within minutes. Unlike other machines, the Vector is authentic and highly inexpensive. While others sell for close to $20,000 USD, Vector at retail will not exceed $7,000 and to distributors even less. With the above description of what the Vector Biofeedback is, it is hard to believe that a system like this is not being utilized in hospitals and clinics all over the world.

What is even harder to grasp is that medicine is a business and has gone astray from its humane purpose of saving lives. Vector is not in Hospitals and clinics because it is not FDA approved and, it is not FDA approved because the FDA wants us to modify Vector to the point of uselessness. So, we said no. The FDA is not interested in putting something on the market which would actually help people and maybe even make medicine an emergency service rather than opioid addiction that enslaves so many lives. Your money, not just what you currently have in your pocket, but your money for the rest of your life is what the FDA wants and since that is not what we want, we do not care to work with them or be “approved” by them.

With that being said, you do have access to Vector. IF you want to change your health and you understand that doing it naturally takes time, you will see your body change from the inside out. Why should you focus on symptoms when the root of illness is inside? The catch is, that it is up to YOU. Everything you need is included and provided. There is no 24 hour support to walk you trough every page in the book but, there are videos, manuals, fellow users, and other resources to ensure that you will learn everything you need to know about how to achieve the best results.

Don’t wait until the last moment to get a biofeedback diagnostic machine. If you know there are some health concerns which have not been identified by your doctor or you have been told that there is no hope for you, rethink those outcomes.