If you have looked at buying a Biofeedback machine, you have probably noticed the variations in cost while at times the packages look the same. Why would the “same” kind of biofeedback system be so much MORE expensive at one company and so much LESS at another company? Let’s break down the biofeedback machine cost.

Before making a decision, it is important that you decide for yourself what exactly you are looking for, what you can spend and the kinds of services you cannot compromise on when buying. Biofeedback machine cost depends on all of these factors.

  1. Features
    1. What are you looking for in a biofeedback system?
      1. Are you buying for yourself?
      2. Are you buying for your practice?
  • Some systems only administer therapy
  1. Some systems only do full body scanning and analysis
  2. Some systems do EVERYTHING.
  1. Cost
    1. Biofeedback machine cost ranges from $400-$30,000!
    2. How much are you willing to spend
    3. Give yourself a range of price depending on what you are looking for the system to do.
  2. Quality
    1. Is quality important to you?
    2. Price is indicative of quality and services in the biofeedback industry.
    3. Are you willing to compromise quality and accuracy for a lower costing system?
  3. Service
    1. Not all biofeedback machines work the same and services such as training, customer support, SOFTWARE UPDATES, and warranty are not all equal.
    2. Without training, you will not be able to use the system properly. Too many people think they can, but this is a big mistake.

As you can see there is a lot to consider. Once you can answer the questions above, you will be able to understand what is behind the biofeedback machine cost. You will be ready to hunt for the perfect Biofeedback machine! Oberon Biofeedback has a perfect cost. Email us to learn about our latest offers and distributorship opportunities!

The only warning you should consider is about the Chinese biofeedback machines. This is important. Often people buy a knockoff and email us thinking they have our system and we can help. Also, some people say they have a knockoff system and it works great. This is also a concern because unless someone is trained properly, they will not know whether or not the system is operating as it should. Without the proper knowledge of how to use all the features in the software people take the information for what it is and misdiagnose people often. Although we believe Oberon is the most affordable, reliable and trustworthy company, we know there are others on the market and hope that people who are looking for a Biofeedback machine will do enough research to purchase the right system for them. Feel free to email us with any questions, most of our staff at Oberon Biofeedback have been working in the Biofeedback industry for 10+ years and at the very least can help point you in the right direction even if it is not Oberon that you need.