Making an appointment to see a doctor often is a waste of time for people. All we know how to do is explain our symptoms and hope that the person we are talking to, who is wearing a white coat, can put the puzzle together and order the correct tests if needed or decide then and there that nothing serious is going on. In other cases, many other cases, illness is not identified or brought up as a possibility in a discussion of symptoms, until it has manifested fully. This is frightening. Not knowing how to properly keep a healthy lifestyle or what to in terms of prevention is depriving the communities of people who could be and should be in control of their own health. Add the cost of medical care in the USA, and most people are consumed with fear for reasons that are not only valid but the very purpose of the medical care in this and many other countries in the world.


OBERON Biofeedback system is designed to give ALL people access to scanning their own bodies and staying ahead of disease development by looking at similarities in frequencies. After scanning a liver, for example, the database in Oberon system measures the response of the liver to the database of all illnesses, infections, heavy metals, allergens, etc. and bring up in a report the most similar frequencies to identify the imbalances and pinpoint problems. Of course, not everyone understands medical terminology so some research is required but the system is very user-friendly and can be used anytime.


Below we have two examples of imaging confirming the existence of cysts in kidney and tumor of the kidney. The imaging done in a clinic cannot be ready by a lay person or a person who is not a medical professional in that specific field. There are medical professionals outside of the field of radiology who cannot read and understand the information. However, using the Oberon system, which is NOT a medical device, but a research device of imbalances in the body; we are able to understand the same information in a much more practical sense and with great accuracy.


Why should only medical professionals have access to understanding human beings health concerns and problems? Is it not also possible for individuals to have access to some kind of understanding outside a health organization with its own agenda and limitations? If your knowledge of medical terms is limited, this does not exclude you from the right to control your own care of your body and its challenges. Think about this, as your longevity and health are at stake.