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Beware of Imitations and cheap clones!
Oberon NLS Biofeedback Machine: The Original and Authentic Oberon Bioresonance Machine

Oberon Biofeedback products are non-linear biofeedback systems (NLS) that combine advanced information technology with the field of active homeostatic control. Oberon Biofeedback System is composed of three basic components.



Bio-probes, function as bioresonace frequency detectors, frequency generator, and a vehicle to apply,  frequencies in a precise range to re-balance the in vivo frequencies of the body part under investigation and treatment. The bioresonance frequency generator generates a wide range of  precise bioresonance frequencies. These probes can be applied to any area of interest.


The Controller

The Controller is a sophisticated piece of computer equipment that controls the generation of a precise set of frequencies and switching back and forth from recording the frequencies and applying the frequencies. It also acts as an interphase of recording, digitizing the data for processing.



Software, The success of Oberon Biofeedback is in large part due to the software that is used collect, digitize, analyze and convert into analog display a huge amount of data that is accumulated during a diagnostic session. Bioresonance feedback therapy did not come into its own until we introduced a breakthrough data analysis and a statistical technique called NLS . The NLS method of analysis was developed at the Institute of Practical Psychophysics, and this technique allows to detect minute changes in bioresonance frequencies that occur when cells, tissues or organs are under stress from various pathological conditions.