How Does Biofeedback Work?

Each organ, tissue, and cell in our body has a distinct frequency which is made possible by the rotation of atoms in the cells. When instructions are sent to the body from the brain they use the spinal cord to send those instructions using nerves and other molecular aids. As long as the connection between the brain and the spine is intact, biofeedback systems can use the brain to listen in and pick up the information. Bio-electrical activity of brain neurons is amplified so signals which are practically undetectable by statistical fluctuations, can not only be detected but also isolated and decoded thanks to biofeedback systems.

Good biofeedback systems, like Oberon, can trace the changes in pathology and infections by observing the characteristics of these wavelengths and the changes in the tissues and cells of the body. This utilization of frequency analysis is based on this incredible discovery in natural science which allows us to analyze the magnetic vortex of any biological object. Biofeedback was designed to not only help lay people with pain but to enable people to identify the specific biological problem in order to address it with natural Biofeedback therapy.

Biofeedback scanning of organs and tissues is not all that modern biofeedback systems are designed to do. That same theory which was proven by natural scientists, applies to therapy. Biofeedback therapy is administered using brain neurons again. Frequencies which were detected by the system can be reversed and sent back to balance out the issues and bring them back to health. INCREDIBLE! This is how biofeedback works and its available to everyone! Everyone who is open-minded enough to realize that additional information is good and as the vast subject of science continues to improve.

It is easy to turn away from something that sounds odd, too good to be true or simply scary! Unfortunately, many people do not give biofeedback a chance until they have tried everything else and spent all their money on various medical experiments and drugs. Still, it is not too late even for them. Biofeedback is patient, effective and most importantly, dedicated to helping people take back the control of their health and bodies. Devices made possible through natural science do not affect the body negatively, there are enough modalities in the word which do this already. Biofeedback systems are scarce because they mean big problems for medical business but a lifetime of preventative jewels to its users and practitioners.

Bioresonance Biofeedback

Bioresonance is a phenomenon whereby all living organisms and their components emit measurable electromagnetic waves, the frequency of which is dependent on their physiological state. In holistic terms, the body is construed as a system of energy and its cells, organs, and tissues which are subject to changes from external energy sources, noxious stimuli or challenges of various pathogens, allergens, chemicals, and bio-chemicals. In the altered or diseased state, this normal resonance energy is usually lower than in the normal state. 

This bioresonance and the changes in bioresonnace are measured with the help of Bioresonance machines or devices, such as the one by Oberon Biofeedback. These are very accurate and highly calibrated machines that with the help of very sophisticated NLS software provide a digital scan of the tissues and cells in the healthy and diseased states. Furthermore, these bioresonance biofeedback machines have sophisticated technology to provide and supplement bioresonance energy externally and thus bringing the  tissues to normal healthy levels. This then allows the cells, tissues, organs, and body to heal and recover to a normal healthy state.

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Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback technology can take care of pain not only without harm to our organs or body tissues but also improving them while getting rid of pain! The only negative about biofeedback technology is that it is so far removed from modern medicine, most people do not know of its existence and therefore, its benefits. How wonderful would it be to have a biofeedback system in your home where you could help your children, parents, friends, and neighbors with an injury, tooth pain, digestion, fertility and so many other common problems that people deal with on a daily basis. It is essential to so many of us and if not in this very moment then definitely some day in the future as we make our way through life.

Biofeedback Therapy utilizes the same methods as Biofeedback body scanning in that it uses the brain and central nervous system to apply the therapeutic frequencies to the person VIA Bio-resonance headset. Oberon consists of a database which houses all frequencies of pathogens, microorganisms, and healthy tissue as well. When we give biofeedback therapy, we apply the appropriate frequencies to the organ and tissues for recover or destructive frequencies to the harmful microorganisms occupying vital organs. Besides for specific therapy for organs, pain or microorganisms; there are frequencies of therapeutic plants, stones and light frequencies which provide options for therapy and method.

Pain is often misunderstood and in many cases symptoms are completely unrelated to the area the pain is coming from. Most doctors rely on us, the patient, to tell them what is wrong and how long its been going on and where we think the problem is originating. The symptoms of pain we articulate are often used to place a diagnosis. Pain is addressed very differently with biofeedback technology, it is used as a clue and taken very seriously as a symptom but it also reminds us of the fact that everything about our body is connected. With therapy to address pain we must also listen and acknowledge that pain is not only our enemy and we must get rid of it as soon as possible, but that pain is a savior in its own way which we must respect.

Benefits Biofeedback Therapy

  1. It is non-invasive.
  2. It does not use chemicals/bio-chemicals or harsh drugs that can cause many side effects.
  3. It is used conveniently in your home or practice.
  4. It is highly effective when used as an adjunct to your naturopathic and nutritional practices
  5. Enhances self-awareness and control and promotes a general sense of wellbeing.
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Quantum Biofeedback Therapy

Quantum Biofeedback Therapy is a naturopathic practice that measures the body’s energetic components and helps detect and measure both chemical and physiological imbalances caused by a prolonged period of stress from a variety of sources. Most adult population suffer a variety of adverse effects of stress such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, reduced abilities and decision-making skills, weight gain and more.  It usually starts gradually and then becomes a chronic problem defying easy solutions and can be extremely frustrating and even debilitating.

Enter Quantum Biofeedback Therapy to the rescue. Quantum Biofeedback therapy is a procedure that promotes healing of the body and mind by mildly and non-invasively re-balancing the electromagnetic energy (bioresonance) levels to the normal state.  It is made possible by a machine like Oberon Biofeedback that measures and scans  the body organs and tissues for their Bioresonance energy levels to determine the extent of stress damage and then rebalances and harmonizes the bioresonance energy imbalances with externally supplied electromagnetic waves.

By restoring and harmonizing the natural bioresonance frequencies, Quantum Biofeedback Therapy allows the body to heal naturally without any adverse effects.  Quantum biofeedback is a safe and non-invasive therapy which when combined with proper nutrition, behavioral modification, and healthy lifestyle changes can bring a pronounced and long lasting relief to patients suffering from long-term effects of stress.

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