• Benefits of Biofeedback Therapy

6 Benefits of Biofeedback Therapy


There are many benefits of Biofeedback therapy. In general, it teaches people how to improve physical and mental health by learning to adjust their physiological processes. With the help of a biofeedback machine, sensors measure body processes and display the results on a monitor. Certain body functions happen involuntarily, such as breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, among others. Biofeedback increases awareness of those functions, so people can control them as a method to treat various health conditions. Provided below are some of the benefits of biofeedback therapy. Reduces Headaches Studies show that biofeedback therapy is effective in reducing the severity [...]

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  • Bioenergy Healing with Oberon

Bioenergy Healing – Achieving Balance and Harmony


Bioenergy healing has been practiced in many parts of the world for thousands of years. What is bioenergy healing? All of us have a life force or energy pulsing through every cell in our body. Bioenergy healing techniques help in treating various ailments by rebalancing the body’s energy field. Many practitioners use a bioenergy machine or bioenergy device to diagnose and treat various health problems. What is Bioenergy Therapy? Bioenergy therapy is a method of channeling life force energy to a patient to balance, clear, and energize the body’s energy field. It is a chemical-free, gentle, and safe way of rebalancing [...]

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  • NLS Diagnostic by Oberon

NLS Diagnostics – Stay Healthy With the Right Equipment for Healing and Recovery


This is the age of technology, and presently this aspect has seeped into almost every aspect of our lives including health and wellness. NLS diagnostic (NLS is an acronym for non-linear diagnostic system) has become a good option for diagnosing and treating various health problems. The leading companies designing these equipment strive hard for innovation and expertise. Their goal is to create accurate, efficient, and user-friendly devices for the benefit of their clients. What is the NLS Diagnostic System? The NLS Diagnostic equipment helps determine the state of tissues and organs in the body. Any alteration can be detected according to [...]

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Things You Need to Know About a Naturopath Body Scanner Device


Due to our hectic schedules and poor eating habits, suffering from anxiety, high-stress levels, depression, allergies, and all other types of psychological and biological illness has become increasingly common. A naturopath’s body scanner device comes as a blessing here, which ensures all your health problems and their symptoms are detected naturally thus, saving both your time and money. What is a Naturopath’s Health Scanner Machine? It is a noninvasive medical body scanner which performs a holistic body scan in combination with the bioresonance biofeedback technology. By using the concept of electromagnetism, the health scanner machine conducts a bioenergetic body scan. It [...]

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Alleviation of Digestive Problems with Biofeedback and Bioresonance Feedback Therapies


Every person can experience digestive or gastrointestinal problems at some point in their lives.  Occasional discomforts tend to be of little concern. But when these become chronic requiring medications and other interventions, effective alternative non-invasive and nonpharmacological approaches are being desired by more and more people. In such cases, biofeedback therapy becomes an effective technique in helping people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, gastric reflux, and other digestive problems. TYPES OF DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS DIARRHEA Diarrhea is a condition wherein an individual has at least three loose bowel movements each day. It can last for a few days and result [...]

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Quantum Biofeedback Process and Quantum Biofeedback Machine and Devices


Quantum Biofeedback is a form of  Biofeedback Therapy and is based on the concept of bioenergy including bioresonance. "Biofeedback is the process of gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions primarily using instruments that provide information on the activity of those same systems, with a goal of being able to manipulate them at will.[1][2] Some of the processes that can be controlled include brainwaves, muscle tone, skin conductance, heart rate and pain perception.[3] Biofeedback may be used to improve health, performance, and the physiological changes that often occur in conjunction with changes to thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Eventually, these changes may be maintained without the use of extra equipment, for no equipment is necessarily [...]

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Nausea, Migraine Headaches, Biofeedback Therapy and Bioenergy Machine


Headaches that come with vomiting and nausea can be signs of a migraine. A headache and nausea that usually accompanies a migraine can be effectively treated by some anti-nausea medication. A migraine attack is progressively ending up being a big problem for a growing number of individuals. Migraine headaches are caused by the unexpected shrinking and then swelling of blood vessels in the head that triggers the discomfort. Migraine headaches can be triggered by a lot of things. Tension, for one, is one major trigger of migraines in a lot of people. Tiredness, cravings, intense lights and a variety of different foods and [...]

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Biofeedback: Self-development thru Visualization and Affirmation


Biofeedback is the new age solution that helps us to find peace while focusing on our capabilities to master skills to overcome neuropsychological and neurophysiological challenges. You can be the end up being the individual you want to be with new age solutions, such as the biofeedback. Biofeedback resembles Neurofeedback because it connects you to a system that assists you to get in touch with your internal mind and body. Some of the tools utilized include the puzzles, books, audio, videos, and so on. By using biofeedback strategies in your life, you can modify your unfavorable reactive behavior and become a [...]

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Drugless Therapy for Neurophysiological and Neuropsychological Imbalances


There's a new drugless therapy that works for most of the issues related to Neurophysiological and neuropsychological imbalances. It has NO bad adverse effects! It's easily inexpensive even to low earnings families! It works to change brain wave amplitudes by subliminal messaging. It's much easier and much more economical than EEG Biofeedback, (aka Neurofeedback). In 4 separate volunteer tests over the past 3 years, it has actually plainly shown that it is at least similarly effective to EEG Biofeedback, a proved albeit very costly treatment. It's called "Neuroliminal Brain Wave Training", although many just call it "Neuroliminal". (There's a Patent Pending [...]

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ADD – Alternative Treatments


In this short article we're going to talk about some alternative treatments for someone struggling with ADD. Unfortunately some people struggling with ADD cannot deal with taking medication, either for physical or mental factors. For these people their only recourse is taking an alternative course. There are lots of alternative treatments for ADD. We'll be discussing the most common. A child in class who never ever raises his hand prior to asking a question might be offered a small reward by the teacher for restraining himself enough to raise his hand before asking the concern. In other words, the kid discovers [...]

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