Biofeedback Diagnostic Machines


Vector Biofeedback diagnostic machine, like a few others, is a diagnostic system which can identify what is making your body sick. This method of diagnosis is extremely accurate (far more than diagnosis by a human doctor) and NON-INVASIVE. No pokes, no body fluid needed, no description of symptoms required from the patient; AND provides results within minutes. Unlike other machines, the Vector is authentic and highly inexpensive. While others sell for close to $20,000 USD, Vector at retail will not exceed $7,000 and to distributors even less. With the above description of what the Vector Biofeedback is, it is hard to [...]

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Oberon Biofeedback Values


Whether you are looking for an “affordable” biofeedback system or you are weighing the options of authentic and expensive biofeedback systems; the company you buy from should be transparent about who they are and what they offer. Beyond support and software updates do you care about the people you are buying from? Oberon Biofeedback is not only a company dedicated to helping ALL people afford and have an Oberon system to have at home or practice, but we make a difference on a bigger scale and all of our buyers are a part of the impact we make. 10% of all [...]

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  • Oberon Biofeedback Accuracy

Oberon Biofeedback Benefits


While there are many biofeedback systems on the market, Oberon Biofeedback is becoming one of the most popular systems in the world. Without explaining the background of biofeedback, there are some key features and must have characteristics of a company that elevate Oberon above the competition. Here are the Oberon Biofeedback benefits: Oberon examines ALL body systems in A SINGLE session Nervous system Cardiovascular system Digestive system Musculoskeletal system Respiratory system Endocrine system Urinary system Reproductive system Integumentary system     NLS-Analysis is a high-accuracy diagnosis NLS analysis which Oberon utilizes, has a 65% likelihood of identifying pathology at an early stage [...]

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  • Oberon Biofeedback is for you

Why Oberon Biofeedback is for you


Biofeedback devices are becoming the very thing families are looking to keep themselves healthy. Practitioners are also getting a hold of Biofeedback devices and introducing them to families who are not familiar with biofeedback. Why biofeedback is for you? Biofeedback systems keep your medical costs at an all-time low! What does your medical insurance cost? Oberon Biofeedback and other biofeedback systems cost between $5,000 and $9,000 USD which you only pay once! Have you been to a clinic for multiple tests and no answers? Medical doctors focus on your symptoms rather than looking for the root cause of your health problems. [...]

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  • Oberon biofeedback for pets

NLS Biofeedback for Pets!


Anyone who has a pet understands the importance of keeping their pets healthy, happy and loved. Seeing a beloved pet struggle with a long list of illnesses should not be a helpless process which the pet family has to watch helplessly. Oberon Biofeedback has been thinking and brainstorming for years about creating an alternative for the helpless families and give them the power to intervene, provide therapy and heal their pets naturally. Wouldn’t it be amazing if those families could take care of their pets with a non-invasive but just as effective method? Now they CAN with Oberon Biofeedback for pets! [...]

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  • Oberon Biofeedback Analysis for Digestive systems

Oberon Biofeedback Analysis Protocol


What is OBERON? Oberon Biofeedback analysis offers people the chance to be their own health manager. With or without medical knowledge and education, Oberon allows ALL people to conduct simple scans of all body systems and organs to evaluate any imbalances and identify the root causes of those imbalances. Root Causes Meaning What? Here at Oberon, we have a very specific method to analysis. We always start with the gastrointestinal system (the gut) and the entire digestive system. Why Digestion? According to many studies and lifetime of Oberon experience, we concluded that the digestive system is at the center of illness [...]

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  • Monitor your health with Oberon Biofeedback system

What if you could monitor your health at home?


Many people in the world are not medical professionals and those that are, often have a focus in the study of medicine which means their knowledge of health is narrow. There are not many in the medical field who are motivated to find the root causes of illness but rather focused on addressing symptoms which inevitably means we are lifetime clients of these practices. What if you could monitor your health at home?! What If you could identify illness on a cellular level and address it before it develops into its complete nature? WITH OBERON YOU CAN! Although Oberon is not [...]

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  • Oberon Biofeedback for Medical Care

Biofeedback Machine For Your Medical Care


HEALTHCARE: A CONCEPT OF FEAR Making an appointment to see a doctor often is a waste of time for people. All we know how to do is explain our symptoms and hope that the person we are talking to, who is wearing a white coat, can put the puzzle together and order the correct tests if needed or decide then and there that nothing serious is going on. In other cases, many other cases, illness is not identified or brought up as a possibility in a discussion of symptoms, until it has manifested fully. This is frightening. Not knowing how to [...]

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Authentic NLS Systems Vs. Counterfeit Versions


Full body systems like Oberon NLS Biofeedback have been in serious danger since the Chinese companies like Medicomed started to copy the authentic genius invention and deteriorate it with terrible training and lack of training. Authentic NLS Systems are harder to find and so people are buying them and buying many of them, primarily from the USA. Big investors come in and undercut all the companies on the market and when they have run all the authentic companies out of business they raise the cost of everything they offered in the beginning. People begin their biofeedback journeys by buying stolen intellectual [...]

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  • Oberon Biofeedback Training Manual

Oberon Biofeedback Training Protocol


Biofeedback training is essential to the successful use of the system. We give an important attention to training to make sure you get the best experience. This is why Oberon Biofeedback requires all users to go through specific training videos before scheduling personal training sessions. Training videos are designed to provide a visual step by step process of using the software and are created in short segments, explaining each button and function. There are also longer videos available to demonstrate processes from beginning to end. What kind of training is included in the purchase? TRAINING VIDEOS Biofeedback Training Videos Training [...]

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