Often when someone is interested in our Oberon Biofeedback system, they ask about the systems ability to detect emotional problems and stressors – emotional intelligence. Right away, there are some things to consider before answering the inquiry about emotions.

  1. Are the emotional problems coming from a chemical imbalance?
  2. Is emotional instability something considered “normal” for this person when asking the people in their lives.
  3. What is the person’s logic considering emotional health?

There are many conversations to be had about someone’s emotional health to really get to know them. But, when it comes to biofeedback and its use in regard to emotional health we must take the position of science, given that biofeedback is a scientific creation despite its stereotypical “voodoo” application.

Oberon Biofeedback can detect emotional problems if it is caused by a chemical imbalance. The focus is going to be in tracing the root causes of emotional instability. Emotional intelligence is misunderstood by people more often now than ever before. Medications have taken away peoples need to address the stress and emotional pain, leaving populations of unequipped adults unwilling to learn and add to their overall emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence with Oberon BiofeedbackSomething we do not consider often enough is the effect of our environment and nutrition on our emotional health. Living in a physical world, we have to keep in mind the exposure to toxins, chemicals, and poisons we are under. Touching our surroundings, eating food without reading its labels, sounding ourselves with pets and people. All these things are very normal in our lives and yet we are treated with pills when things get hard. Biofeedback devices are not here to listen to our symptoms and take a guess in diagnosing us. They are sensitive, serious and accurate modalities to tell us exactly what affected our health, In what way and how to address that problem in the future.

Emotional intelligence means understanding when we are affected by stress or actual physical interference. It means to take responsibility and identifying our part along with what we know about ourselves what is abnormal to us. The beauty in Biofeedback is that it not only listens to what you already know and have to say but looks deeper to reveal the causes and instructions for prevention. We are emotional beings, and with access to Biofeedback systems we can benefit our health tremendously if we choose to be emotionally intelligent. To be true to ourselves and challenge ourselves to evolve rather than accept staying the same.