People often email us asking if Oberon can identify Allergens and Food Intolerances.

Simple Answer: YES!

Oberon has a list of foods which are recommended for the person and foods to stay away from.

Food Intolerances with Oberon

You can simply look at the list (correctly) and have a list of recommended foods to eat and foods to stay away from while recovery takes place.

With allergens, the process is the same. You can look at the list (accurately) and see what someone is allergic to.

Food Intolerances with Oberon

Detailed Answer: WHY?

Oberon Biofeedback is designed to work in specific ways. One of the main focuses in the Oberon software is looking for root causes of illness. People are rarely allergic to something or have a developed food intolerance by chance. There is always a reason for illness and as Dr. Hulda Clack believed, all illness begins in the gut.

Our scientists and professors also focus on the gut and most importantly on whole body health.

Why is it important to know that a person has an allergy (likely something they know already) or a food intolerance when the real question is, “what is causing someone to be allergic or to have an intolerance to foods?”

Oberon focuses on answering that question exactly. Once we identify root causes of illness and focus there, we can properly and for long term results, focus on the areas which cause intolerances and allergens. It is in the best interest of the patient/client or yourself, to address health concerns on a cellular level rather than following the direction of symptoms.

Medical professionals ask you for a list of symptoms in order to make decisions about which direction they will take with testing for a cause. Oberon does not need your involvement as it is reading your frequencies involuntarily and non-invasively. This also means no human can disrupt, misdiagnose or harm you any longer.

Food Intolerances with Oberon

If focusing on the root cause of allergens and food intolerances, Oberon can reverse these imbalances and rid the body of intolerances and allergens! The specific methods are included in our detailed training which is not available with many other NLS Biofeedback manufacturers. The understanding of whole body health, correct methodologies, and steps in analysis and therapy are crucial to the success of Oberon. We offer it freely to our users and provide ongoing support for as many years as the system is being utilized.