There is a sea of biofeedback devices and an ocean of clones. You may have started with a google search…”biofeedback machines” and saw a few small tools (beginner biofeedback) and $30,000 advanced biofeedback systems which tell you nothing still. It can get frustrating listening to sales representatives tell you their system is the best, they cannot all be the BEST. How do you choose a biofeedback machine?

At Oberon Biofeedback, we have high standards and if you will not invest in an Oberon system for yourself, at least you should buy from someone with standards better then ours…so we think.

Here is a list of what is included in an Oberon Biofeedback package:

-3 Year Warranty

When buying a piece of equipment from overseas or domestically, there is a huge risk of never getting your money back even if the product arrives destroyed. Serious companies will offer a warranty longer than a year or two. Stay away from machines for sale with warranties less than 3 years.

-FREE Technical Support

Not everyone who needs help with their health is computer savvy, this is understood. However, EVERYONE can try and follow directions. Effort, on your part is huge. However, after you have exhausted your efforts and cannot figure out what’s going on or what you may be doing wrong, you need someone to turn to for help and that help should not cost you money. We think it is important for users to learn functions of the software and be able to get themselves in and out of it. We also recognize that something new takes time to learn and we are there to help whenever you need help.

-FREE Customer Service

After years of having a system, you may come across a scan you don’t understand or have never seen before. You need an update. You lost your software. You need to refresh your memory about something…etc. This is where customer service comes in. Any company can be nice to you when you are making a transaction with them. How they treat you for years after that is also important.

-FREE 24 Hour Training Portal Access

When the company is closed, do you have access to all training material? Any time you need something you cannot find otherwise, a 24 hour access portal is open.

-FREE Personal Training Sessions (agreed between trainer and client)

Do you have access to a REAL PERSON when you need them?

(Considering working hours and personal hours, of course).

-FREE LIFETIME Software Updates

Any time there is an improvement to an update, you have the option of also having it! Without asking, without paying extra fees, without waiting years! UPDATES are IMPORTANT or what is your company doing?