How to Find an Authentic Biofeedback Machine

If you have been searching for a biofeedback device, you may have done some research and found systems ranging from $400 USD to $30,000 USD FOR THE SAME THING! This is a huge shock to most people on the search for a system. Why would the price range be so vast? As someone who has worked in the field for over 10 years, I can tell you some key reasons to help you find an authentic biofeedback machine.

1. Biofeedback system quality

$1,495 Chinese Copy

Metatron $30,000

Every company has to buy parts to make a whole biofeedback package. Details of most parts aren’t relevant except two. Software and electronic server. The software is the most valuable part of the company’s package. NLS systems have the most incredible software which was made by two partners whom split after having a dispute over 30 years ago. This database contains the frequencies of researched diseases, microorganisms, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria’s, etc. Without this database, the “diagnosis” and therapy would not be possible.

The electronic panel is what stores the frequencies electronically and gives the software the ability to pick up frequencies and send frequencies for therapy.

2. Company training

Biofeedback systems are not like other pieces of technology. Some devices and programs you can figure out without reading the user manual or watching YouTube videos. Biofeedback devices are very user friendly but the functions of the biofeedback software are very specific, essential and require proper use. Not having proper training can mean that you diagnose people incorrect and see no results from numerous therapies because you have not been trained how to properly use them. Good and authentic companies offer proper training either included with or at a SMALL additional cost. Cheap copies, like the Chinese copies of NLS systems, stole training I did years ago from YouTube and are selling it with their system packages. Although those videos are good, they are not complete and not enough. Here at Oberon Biofeedback, we offer UNLIMITED training sessions by appointment.

3. Reasonable cost

Often times, if a product is too cheap in price it is cheap in quality. Same item for a slightly higher cost may be of better quality. Something like this could be said about NLS biofeedback systems. Companies who invest in software updates, customer service, and personal training spend a lot of money on those key elements and therefore should charge more for the package. Companies who steal software typically do not offer unlimited training, support or software updates. Still, $30,000 is hard to accept. In terms of the dollar amount for any given company, look for a company that has an affordable cost but all the essential package details.

Oberon NLS Authentic Biofeedback Machine

Oberon NLS Authentic Biofeedback Machine