The search for the right Biofeedback Machine can be challenging. However, with a few helpful tips you can find the perfect biofeedback machine for your practice or in-home use.

  1. What are you looking for in a Biofeedback machine or device?

Before starting your search, think about the features or qualities you are looking for.

Oberon Biofeedback, for example, offers full-body scanning, therapy and remedy preparation features as its main functions. Some biofeedback devices offer scanning only, therapy only or combinations of all three. What primary use are you interested in?

  1. What software features are must-haves and what features are optional for you?

Many Biofeedback systems offer great scanning options but a limited database for analysis. Searching for frequencies to identify illness and infections is very important if your primary use of the Biofeedback machine is identifying cause of illness. Biofeedback companies and manufacturers should be able to provide a list of software capabilities in terms of analysis topics so you can determine weather or not the particular system is a great fit for you.

  1. What is included in the purchase of a Biofeedback Machine?

Buying the right biofeedback machine can be a big investment financially. It is important that you ask all the necessary questions regarding all that is included in the total cost. When someone buys our Oberon Biofeedback machine they never have to pay for anything extra after the initial purchase!

In a purchase of Oberon Biofeedback we include the following:

3-year hardware warranty
Lifetime technical support
Software updates
Unlimited training sessions by appointment with our trainer

Many companies charge thousands of dollars for a one-time training package rather then offering ongoing training sessions. Keep in mind that your training is directly connected to the accuracy of the device, your overall use and success in recovery when using therapies and other modalities. If training is not included in the purchase, make sure to ask questions about future support and what the company provides after purchase.

Some key features to ask about:

-Hardware warranty (1 year warranty is not enough and indicates that the company may be a counterfeit manufacturing company).

Software updates (Software updates should be offered with any authentic company. If the company does not offer software updates it may be because they do not have the ability to create updates and are stealing software form other biofeedback companies).

Available training (Training should be available with a live person. If no person is available to provide training or answer questions it is another sign of a “copycat” company who may be using other companies material for training. Without live help or access to personal help you may not be successful with the machine you are buying).

Technical support (Software will inevitably face problems when installing or being used improperly. A technical support team is crucial. Without the access to technical help you may not be able to utilize the machine, so the available technical support is vital).