Many people are intimidated by Oberon because they are afraid their lack of computer skills will prevent them from using the system. I am here to tell you that THIS IS NOT TRUE! Oberon software is easy to use and only takes practice to master.

Isn’t it worth trying to use simple software in order to give yourself therapy at home?!

Of course, it is! Oberon software has a minimal number of pages to navigate and each button is clearly marked with large and easy t see buttons.

Our latest software has an automatic report building feature which collects the information from a full body scan into one easy to read report. In previous years we had to manually collect information from the scans but now this is done automatically, making it easy for people of all ages and computer skills to utilize the miracle of NLS Biofeedback technology lie our Oberon.

Not only is the software user-friendly, but training is also made simple with access to an online database of videos and other helpful material. Training videos are made to walk you through learning visually and audibly, enhancing not only your knowledge of software navigation but empowering you to make changes and adjustments as you learn more along the way. Our training is made simple to give you confidence in using the software often and consistently. As consistency sets in, results are soon to follow and results are our driving force.

Communication is an important part of any relationship, this is no different when you buy an Oberon system. We are not a robot company, but rather a team of human beings who are just like you. We treat every user as we believe any human being should be treated and we value our downtime. Oberon does not take priority over our loved ones and every person within to our network shares this value. We utilize Oberon to help improve peoples lives but Oberon without the touch and breath of a good person behind it is simply a machine.

Oberon is for you because you will not be alone. You may not get an answer the moment you ask the question but come 24hours and there it is, an email in your mailbox from us with answers to your questions. You may not be able to receive help in the idle of the night or on the weekend or at the last minute but, you will have the support you need.

We value ourselves and therefore you know we will value you.