Anyone who has a pet understands the importance of keeping their pets healthy, happy and loved. Seeing a beloved pet struggle with a long list of illnesses should not be a helpless process which the pet family has to watch helplessly. Oberon Biofeedback has been thinking and brainstorming for years about creating an alternative for the helpless families and give them the power to intervene, provide therapy and heal their pets naturally. Wouldn’t it be amazing if those families could take care of their pets with a non-invasive but just as effective method? Now they CAN with Oberon Biofeedback for pets!

biofeedback for pets

Oberon Biofeedback for pets software can easily detect the imbalances of a pet’s health by measuring the frequencies of organ responses and deciphering which are similar and which are irrelevant. No blood tests, no pokes or injections, nothing that would invade the pet’s body whatsoever and yet accurate and effective. This is not a dream, this is a reality for many people who are outside the systems created for our exploitation. People with pets have the right to decide how their pet is treated and what is done when intervention is required. Now, pet owners can go a step further and do themselves what they pay thousands of dollars for, identify the specific concerns of their pet’s health.

Identifying health problems is only the beginning of Oberon’s capabilities. Once a problem is identified, Oberon helps to alleviate the intensity of the illness and balance it out all together using Meta-Therapy (one of the therapy options within the complete Oberon System). Let’s say your pet has intestinal parasites. The diagnosis of such a problem and treatment may not take much time in a clinic but it will require payments, treatments which pet owners can do on their own. It may take some creating thinking to keep a puppy still while therapy is administered, but this is a pleasant, calm and even happy experience for the puppy. There is no reason to put an ill pet under more stress and tests if this can be avoided. It is not always necessary to expose pets to human intervention which has an agenda. The only agenda a pet owner has for their pet is to keep them healthy and living long in the company of a loved family unit. Of course, surgery and intervention are needed in emergencies but general health maintenance is an available option for anyone who would like to cut costs on the unnecessary treatment of their beloved pet, this is what Oberon Biofeedback offers.