NLS Biofeedback systems are the most unique, accurate and effective diagnostic modalities in the world. So, why would the FDA want to limit business by allowing NLS Biofeedback systems to penetrate western medicine? This is an important question that many people do not understand. The FDA is no friend of Naturopathic medicine and preventative health modalities. An organization which allows mass production of drugs is not interested in preventative medicine. There are crucial factors to keep in mind when looking into NLS Biofeedback systems and practices:

FDA: The FDA is largely focused on business, drug production, protecting medical devices which are harmful with radiation (MRI’s, CT . etc.), and approval of anything else that wishes to penetrate the medical field.

NLS Biofeedback: Designed as preventative health modalities, the goal is long-term health, prevention of disease at a cellular level and focused on teaching people to maintain healthy lifestyles rather than addressing symptoms.

NLS Biofeedback systems which claim to be FDA approved: Companies that claim to have their NLS devices FDA approved are contradictory to their own existence. Not to mention the fact that their “FDA” approval is not actually from the FDA. If you look closely at the certifications these companies claim to be from the FDA, you will notice the logo is of another organization not the Food and Drug Administration in the USA.

NLS Biofeedback vs FDA

NLS Biofeedback companies are driven by seeing results naturally. Rebuilding cellular structures of tissues damaged by disease, infections or intoxications. The work done by these Russian companies, like Oberon Biofeedback, is geared toward helping the human body by finding the root causes of diseases and degeneration of tissues, not by focusing on symptoms. Financially most NLS Biofeedback companies are not multimillion dollar organizations, they struggle to innovate but preserve the most accurate form or diagnosis. If devices such as Oberon Biofeedback were FDA approved they would penetrate western medicine and fill every clinic, hospital and healthcare facility without question. However, these systems are in select private offices instead.

The focus of any NLS Biofeedback company is to sell systems because selling systems means more funds for innovation. Some companies focus on sales and sell at a prohibitive cost, still preventing most people from buying. Other companies sell at a low cost because they do not invest in software support or innovation, they steal software ideas and create a less effective product. Options for Biofeedback are endless and unfortunately, people must know what to look for. Regardless of where a system is made or bought, NLS Biofeedback and the FDA have very different goals and because of this, they cannot work together.