What is OBERON?

Oberon Biofeedback analysis offers people the chance to be their own health manager. With or without medical knowledge and education, Oberon allows ALL people to conduct simple scans of all body systems and organs to evaluate any imbalances and identify the root causes of those imbalances.

Root Causes Meaning What?

Here at Oberon, we have a very specific method to analysis. We always start with the gastrointestinal system (the gut) and the entire digestive system.

Why Digestion?

According to many studies and lifetime of Oberon experience, we concluded that the digestive system is at the center of illness and although there may be other health concerns for people, in most cases, addressing digestion helps the rest of the body recover.

Think About it!

Our bodies need one thing from food: nutrients

Proteins- Proteins break into amino acids

Fats-fats break into fatty acids and glycerol

Carbs- carbs break into simple sugars

Vitamins, minerals, water

These nutrients are our very existence because they facilitate cell repair, blood content, repair of body tissues, hormone regulation, nerve regulation, and many other functions in the body crucial to overall health!

How to Address Gut Problems?

Oberon Biofeedback is designed to look at root causes of illness. In scanning all body systems, we are often brought back to look at the gut as many imbalances begin there. Allergies, food intolerances, pain, fatigue, emotional distress, anemia, etc. are all found to be balanced as we address the gastrointestinal (digestive) system with Oberon Protective therapy.

Although we cannot provide “studies” because that would facilitate claims of “diagnosis and treatment”, we do collect testimonies from users year after year and base our training on the protocols promising results. Yes, each person responds differently, but every person using our system notices a difference in their health over time.

The Takeaway:

When using Oberon Biofeedback, the initial practice should be kept simple: Microorganism and Pathology finding.

Oberon biofeedback analysis - microorganism and pathology finding

Oberon biofeedback analysis – microorganism and pathology finding

Once enough time has been dedicated to clearing up the found microorganisms and pathology frequencies, then utilization of other topics can begin.

We recommend dedicating 2-4 months on the Digestive system before moving on.

Keep in mind that many people find Oberon Biofeedback out of disparity and while dealing with pressing health issues, in these situations be draw our focus n the issue at hand and move forward with “normal” protocol once the emergency has been settled and balanced.

Help to monitor progress is available to keep track of practical changes along with any physical improvements.

Oberon biofeedback analysis

Oberon biofeedback analysis