While there are many biofeedback systems on the market, Oberon Biofeedback is becoming one of the most popular systems in the world. Without explaining the background of biofeedback, there are some key features and must have characteristics of a company that elevate Oberon above the competition. Here are the Oberon Biofeedback benefits:

  1. Oberon examines ALL body systems in A SINGLE session

Nervous system
Cardiovascular system
Digestive system
Musculoskeletal system
Respiratory system
Endocrine system
Urinary system
Reproductive system
Integumentary system



  1. NLS-Analysis is a high-accuracy diagnosis

NLS analysis which Oberon utilizes, has a 65% likelihood of identifying pathology at an early stage by appearance.

MRT medical devices which are the MRI, CT scans, and other machines which photograph organs and bones, have a likelihood of 24% of identifying pathology at an early stage.

Tomography scanners which scan the brain have a likelihood of 15% and ultrasonography about 14% likelihood of identifying illness at an early stage.

Nevertheless, NLS-Analysis systems are the most disenfranchised biofeedback systems in the world!

  1. Oberon comes with top level visualization

Visually, NLS-Analysis offers a clear reading of found problems whereas other visual modalities are read only by specialists.

  1. Oberon is absolutely safe and user-friendly

Oberon scans are non-invasive, free of radiation, do not involve internal tubing and require no medical testing. NLS-Analysis scanning will not cause any hard or discomfort to the user’s health.

  1. Minimal training time is required to use Oberon

Standard training time compared with other diagnostic modalities:
Oberon – 16 hours
Ultrasonographiy – 144 hours
MRT/CT – 1960

This data does not include years of schooling for degrees of professional accreditation.




  1. Oberon is multi-functional in analysis

-Oberon has the ability to evaluate the following and MORE!
-Evaluations of stress
-Process monitoring of treatment rehabilitation
-Detection and suppression of infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria’s, fungi, helminthes and more.
-Identification od allergies
-Evaluation of human predisposition to certain diseases

  1. The analysis process of Oberon is easier and better to understand

Each session is anywhere from 40-90 minutes.

Reports are self generating and can be emailed, saved or printed.

  1. Oberon has a non-intuitive and user friendly interface

  1. Oberon features therapeutic options

Oberon not only analyzes the level and cause of health issues, but it also directly influences their elimination. The essence of bio-resonance therapy happens by transition of standard values to the brain. Standard values meaning electromagnetic frequencies for all organs and body systems in their healthy state.

Meta-therapy sends signals through the bio inductor in the headset, directly to the brain while correcting wrong frequency until optimal value for the cells is reached.

This information can also be empowered by destructive properties which cause damage to the various types of bad microorganisms.

  1. Oberon is consistently progressing