One of the most common questions we get asked about Oberon is whether we have case studies to prove its accuracy in comparison to any typical health practices in any given country or state. The only problem with this method of “accuracy” comparison is that Biofeedback and Western Medicine utilize opposite methods for diagnosis, treatment and overall health upkeep. Even so, we were able to collect stories of our users and allow them to share their experiences with Oberon and its methods.

In the words of our Sweden distributor:

“Example: woman 40 years. Very sharp pain in the right ovary in five months. Having visited the doctor several times without success. The Vector / Oberon I treated her for 30 minutes, and her pain was near zero. Five days later, it came out a big lump of phlegm. Since then there has been good.

What problem was I do not know. Vector did not show exactly what was wrong. With strengthening treatment problem was solved anyway.

Example: woman 55 years. the stiffness of the hip. Trouble walking when she sat for 30 minutes. Strengthening treatment of hip and around. Thereafter, no problem.

Example: woman 88 years. Great pain of varicose veins. Treatment of veins, venous tissue, lymphatic veins and muscles in the legs. Five treatments and she is pain free for 8 months. Follow-up 2 treatments makes her pain for 6-8 months. We have not solved the problem of varicose veins but she is completely painless and no problems.

Treatment does not work 100% but very often.

I enjoy vector / Oberon and we are more than 30 users in Sweden. We have successful treatments.

Ola Bjorkman”

Anyone, even a beginner can use the system and get results! Oberon works by reading information from the cells in your body rather then symptoms. The objective is never to simply say to someone, “Looks like you are allergic to so and so”. Our goal is to find he root cause of the allergy and address the problem at its core. This is incredibly important because we do not want to harm any organs in the process of recovering from another place. Training makes analysis 98% accurate and therapies give a solution to the problem as quickly as he problem is found. This is not a dream, its is not taken seriously by most people, but it certainly changes the lives of the people who give it a chance!