Most people who find Oberon are people who are actively searching for Biofeedback and are familiar with the concept. For those who are new to Biofeedback and specifically to NLS Biofeedback systems, below are some common questions and answers which we hope helps in your research or introduction to Oberon Biofeedback.

What can the Oberon system do?


Oberon biofeedback is a full body scanner which measures the frequencies of body organs, tissues, cells, DNA, Chromosomes, etc. and gives a report of specific illnesses, infections, deficiencies and other detailed information about what was found and what is causing health problems for the person being scanned. Oberon is very detailed with this information and provides specific names of problems found and their location.

Provide Therapy  

Oberon has 5 different therapy options to choose from:

  1. Meta-Therapy (Protective)

This is the main therapy in the system. I have had users treat cancer, Lyme, nerve problems, eyesight, etc. with this therapy. Most everyone utilizes this therapy the most.

  1. Meta-Therapy (Destructive)

This is a rife frequency therapy to destroy microorganisms (parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc.)

  1. Stone Therapy

Frequencies of therapeutic stones applied to therapy

  1. Phythotherapy

Frequencies of therapeutic plants applied to therapy

  1. Physiotherapy

Additional therapy (we are still working on improving and adding more to this therapy) but it is used primarily for anything pain related, symptom related and overall physical therapy.

Remedy Preparation (Homeopathy)

Oberon offers an option to create homeopathic remedies specific to the patient/client being scanned. This means that remedies can be made specifically for the person’s body and conditions found with best results.

Does the Oberon system put together an automatic report of all findings?

We have recently updated our software to make the Analysis easier for users by creating an automatic report of all problems found after a scan. This saves time and eliminates the need for manual analysis done by hand when time is restricted. Instead of spending time analyzing each organ scanned by hand, Oberon will collect all important information for you.

The reports made are clear, printable or can be saved to a PDF or Word document.

Reports are extremely important to tracking progress and ca also be emailed appropriately to clients/patients.

Reports come in as much or as little detail as you would like to share with the patient/client. Due to Liability of not being FDA approved, it is important that notes are shared properly. We go over this and all other details in training.