How does Oberon scan the body?

Oberon scan is done through a specialized headset which carries trigger sensors to trigger the brain to read and send back frequencies.

Any person with a healthy connection between the brain and spine can be scanned using Oberon by the communication with the Central Nervous System and the electromagnetic field. When the headset is on a person’s head, the headset sends a signal to the brain which travels down the spine and into the organ. This information then travels to the Oberon box and is shown in the Oberon software for understanding.

How much does Oberon cost?

Oberon cost changes by country and state. If we do not have an exclusive distributor in any given county, that country or state is open to distributorship opportunity and lower cost.

There is some concern about price being TOO high and being TOO low. What we want people to know is that we will work with you regarding cost of our system. We want all people to be able to afford and utilize Oberon. Our product is not for some and not others, all people who want to change their health, get answers, give therapy and be in control of their health can acquire, use and see results with Oberon.

Where is Oberon Manufactures and shipped from?

Oberon biofeedback is a Russian made machine which is manufactured both in Russia and USA. Due to the nature of life in Russia, shipping, correspondence, training and sales are all more practically handled from our offices in the USA.

Oberon has been manufactured in Russia for over 30 years, this is still so. All components of the machine are manufactured in Russia and some are put together here in the states before shipping.

All systems are shipped from the USA

What kind of training is included with Oberon purchase?

Once you purchase Oberon, you will never pay another fee again! The only exception is for people who do not follow training instructions will be limited to 3 FREE training sessions and asked to pay per hour for additional hours. If instructions are followed and communication continues, personal training session are FREE and unlimited.

We offer training only to owners of our Oberon Biofeedback system. All users are given a password for our private training page and invited to our private Facebook page where users can ask questions, share experiences and continue learning .