Oberon Biofeedback cost is something that often surprises people when they start talking to us and asking questions. How can Oberon keep prices so low, being an ORIGINAL NLS system? As most people know, there are many manufacturers in China copying Oberon and making their own versions. Then, they price it at 90% off the original and people cannot help but fall for the bait. We have an extensive list of emails from people who have needed training or software, thinking they have our system. We have no choice but to turn them away because the system they have is not an authentic Oberon. Some of those people have exchanged for our Oberon and continue to reach out to us for support and help, which we always provide, but as for the many who may still be without help we hope by sharing, being transparent and standing up for our hard work; we will help many avoid making the same mistake.

So how does Oberon maintain its low prices?

  1. Oberon is like that one friend who you know and who knows someone, who knows someone else with a privilege or access to something others have to pay twice as much for.

Oberon was created by two partners who worked on this research together at the Institute of Practical Psychophysics, (IPP) in Russia. They developed the database for this incredible machine which would change the world and be more accurate than any human doctor in diagnosing human illness and its onset. As they worked on this system, implementing the work and research of Dr. Royal Rife, Hulda Clark, and others; they realized that this could change the world and their lives greatly. There were disagreements about what to do with this product and they went separate ways calling them Oberon and Metatron.

Metatron retail value is close to $30,000 USD

Oberon is 70% less than Metatron

Chinese clones are 90% less than OBERON

  1. Oberon gives you the “FRIENDS AND FAMILY” discount!

We all know that if you know someone in power you also have some power yourself. The partners in the Oberon nucleus care about their work in a way that is personal and genuine. Their intentions and hopes for the system are not driven by sales or wealth, therefore, they have the capacity to understand. We believe that human beings across our planet have various needs, financial standing and opportunities. We will not allow our system, which we believe can change people lives, to be available for some and not others.

We also donate 10% of the total cost of sale to an orphanage in Ukraine, pay our partners (who work around the clock to preserve, improve and advance their craft and device) and finance ordering new material, needed supplies, etc.

THERE ARE FAR TOO FEW people who are willing to take this deal and be satisfied because they believe in the future, helping people and, knowing they are contributing to the planet when they lay down to rest at night. Not many “friends” would help another friend without considering a HUGE profit lucky for you, we are the rare friend who will. We want you to know that there is still hope, love and genuine people in the world who care about their fellow men/women and about being good people.