While Oberon has been around for 30 years, people are only recently discovering this extraordinary system and utilizing it in their homes. Oberon comes with a purpose to provide health maintenance and rescue at HOME!

To protect the privacy of our users, we cannot list name to associate with any “claims” however, see the comments below!

  1. Hello Diana,
    I am getting dramatic results with doing the therapy 5×5 as I was probable only doing it 3×5 before. I have a fellow 79yo with DIC (disseminated Intravenous Coagulation) Drs had him on Warfarin for 15 years and his arteries had clogged with cholesterol so we did therapy for 1 month now and dramatically dropped from 90% blockage to 28% within the month along with other supplements.
  1. back was stiff this morning       now not only is the pain 95% gone but it is in a plus  mode…  it feels   stronger  more stable, amazing!
  2. Thanks again for everything. Someone came to me yesterday in so much pain she couldn’t stand straight. Software found a cyst. We did meta therapy and made a remedy. She told me her pain had already lessened by last evening. I hope I did everything right.

These comments are an example of the daily feedback we receive from our users. People seeing changes on their own and in a practice with someone who has an Oberon system. When feeling discomfort from an injury, infection from trauma, unidentified illness, and in situations where people have tried everything without answers, OBERON rescues, calms, improves and guarantees giving you the correct information about your health.

We live in a world that utilizes drugs to create addiction and business for western medicine corporations. Because of this, people are unable to completely recover from illness because the course of treatment is just as harmful and evolves into further medical conditions. This is unacceptable and here at Oberon we want you to know that there are other ways to maintain a healthy life, separate from drugs and invasive testing.

Oberon utilizes your bodies incredible functions to analyze its state. Our central nervous system is just that incredible and we cannot accept not learning alternative ways because we have not attained a medical degree. Yes, doctors know medical terms, body anatomy and physiology, etc. but so does OBERON! If you have an Oberon system, then you also have this knowledge and ability to analyze your symptoms and create a therapy which caters to your body specifically!

OBERON is a modern-day miracle overlooked by fear and anxiety of the masses. Don’t be afraid to put yourself first and give yourself a chance to utilize this miracle!