Biofeedback training is essential to the successful use of the system. We give an important attention to training to make sure you get the best experience. This is why Oberon Biofeedback requires all users to go through specific training videos before scheduling personal training sessions. Training videos are designed to provide a visual step by step process of using the software and are created in short segments, explaining each button and function. There are also longer videos available to demonstrate processes from beginning to end.

What kind of training is included in the purchase?


Biofeedback Training Videos

Biofeedback Training Videos

Training videos are made often and updated as software changes take place.

Video files are updated on our password protected training page and are available for download on that page which allows for 24hour access by all users with a password.

Oberon Biofeedback Training Required Viewing

Oberon Biofeedback Training Required Viewing

In order to move forward and schedule training sessions with a trainer, all users are required to view a list of 15 or so short videos. This along with manual reading is a requirement prior to personal training because training is a RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER NOT OF OUR OBERON TRAINING TEAM. When the material is available but not enforced SOME people choose not to utilize the available training and put that responsibility on the trainer alone.


Oberon training manual was created by Diana Brown, our head trainer here at Oberon Biofeedback. It was created after over 10 years of training experience from countless training seminars in various countries and training from our professors in Russia. It is NOT our intention to provide biology, anatomy, chemistry and any medical training. Our training is focused only on software utilization and use in regards to Oberon function.

Oberon Biofeedback Training Manual

Oberon Biofeedback Training Manual

Our manual consists of around 75 pages with many pictures and explanations. Table of contents lists every important button in the software to help located relevant information and answer questions you may have during learning, quickly.

In addition to clear the direction to all software functions, our manual has step by step written instruction to man functions in the software.

Oberon Biofeedback Training Screenshots


Every person who owns our system can email us questions anytime and expect an answer within a few business days. Questions sent with screen shots are answered in screen shots to help in understanding any problem, question or concern. We teach all our users to create screen shots so questions can be best understood and answered in a timely manner without delay. Long with questions and answers over email, everyone can request specific videos for better understanding.

Example of Email Question:

Oberon Biofeedback Training Emails


In the past we offered UNLIMITTED training session, recently we noticed that offering unlimited training sessions meant that many people were not willing to go through the training material on their own prior to scheduling sessions. To rectify this issue, we have decided to offer 3 Free training sessions (After viewing of required material). 3 FREE training sessions are followed by paid sessions at the user’s request. Training sessions will be offered at $75/per hour after the initial 3 free sessions.

Buyers who go above and beyond to take their training into their own hands may be granted additional free sessions by the trainer.