Whether you are looking for an “affordable” biofeedback system or you are weighing the options of authentic and expensive biofeedback systems; the company you buy from should be transparent about who they are and what they offer. Beyond support and software updates do you care about the people you are buying from?

Oberon Biofeedback is not only a company dedicated to helping ALL people afford and have an Oberon system to have at home or practice, but we make a difference on a bigger scale and all of our buyers are a part of the impact we make.

10% of all sales (not profits) are sent to an Orphanage in the Ukraine.

Although our systems are manufactured in Russia, many members of our Oberon team are from Ukraine. There are many helpless children in Ukraine who have witness trauma, experienced abuse, and have been abandoned at birth. These children need family rather than to be placed in an institution that does not care deeply about them.

Through our work with Oberon, we have been able to build a center for children and help over 80 couples and families adopt children into loving homes. When volunteering families are not able to support these children we step in to provide basic necessities so the focus can stay on love and well being of the child. Many couples willing to adopt are not prepared to raise a child coming from such trauma and abuse so we have brought it psychologists and other specialists to help equip and empower young families to create the best environment for these children.

It may not be your passion personally but each and every Oberon user/owner has contributed to this cause, maybe without knowing it.

If every person helped the place they are from the world would be a better place year after year. Think of all the successful people in the world, do they give back (on any scale) to the community from which they come from? Can you imagine if all of us did this? This is very important to the future of Oberon as well as the future of generations to come after us. If you are an Oberon user, be proud of the contribution you have already made by purchasing an Oberon. This cannot be a sales pitch, but a huge appreciation to all the people who have helped us help others and for that, we are proud, grateful and hopeful for the future of all humanity!

Thank you Oberon Family!