BIG company vs. SMALL company

With big companies in the world such as Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, etc. people often have expectations of Biofeedback companies which match their expectations of any other BIG company. What we do not often consider is what the product itself offers and what it is we have access to. Oberon company offers the LOWEST market cost for a product which is AUTHENTIC. This is unheard of. When you buy a biofeedback system from China for $1500, maybe it is more obvious that the product cannot be supported the way a $12,000 biofeedback system would be supported. The problem is, the cost of the Biofeedback system does not mean there is more offered with the device itself. Many companies sell systems for $20,000+ USD and offer only PAID training. Software updates may be limited or costly, training and support is minimal and overall use of the software is not updated over time.


When you buy a system from a smaller company, you will not have access to 24 hour care and support (like you would from say, Microsoft or Apple) but you will have access to someone during the work week Monday-Friday. Even companies such as Apple, require you to make an appointment for any technical help in store or during business hours. There are certainly different expectations when you purchase something for $1,500 versus $15,000 but the treatment of people, company policies and support does not change for us. One thing we KNOW as FACT after 12+ years of working with Russian biofeedback is that companies are popping up everywhere to sell NLS Biofeedback systems, most of those companies sell for $10,000 or more (excluding copycat Chinese systems) even if those companies themselves are copies.

In America, people think the higher the price tag the better-quality product. NLS Biofeedback systems are NOT American. In fact, no company selling the true NLS Biofeedback is a company that manufactures them in the USA. This is extremely important. SO, how can Oberon company sell systems at the lowest cost on the market and maintain an authentic product? RELATIONSHIP! Oberon Biofeedback systems are a genuine OBERON company product manufactured in Russia for over 30 years, our secret in offering a lower cost authentic system is our relationship with inventors who agree with our vision to make Oberon accessible to ALL!

What you CAN expect from OBERON BIOFEEDBACK

  • Support from an individual dedicated to your system
  • Monday-Friday support and training (by appointment)
  • Access to help in emergencies within 2-4 hours
  • Authentic Oberon system
  • 3-year warranty
  • Access to training material 24/7 online (password protected)
  • A system that is accurate, effective and supported by a small group of professionals