Here at Oberon Biofeedback, our goal is to spread the wonder of Oberon all across the world and not discriminate based on financial status or education. Oberon can be used by anyone as a Bio resonance system and anyone who knows someone who can benefit from Oberon is welcome to sell a system.

There are three classifications of distributorship here at Oberon:

Referral Distributor

  • A distributor who sends referrals to us will be compensated with a “referral fee”.
  • The referral, should it turn into a sale, is compensated with a $500-$1000 commission!
  • These referrals are random, with no required number of sales, website or distributor plan.
  • A referral distributor does not have the responsibility of training their found clients, providing support or help of any kind. Oberon will take care of the support and training for referred individuals.

General Distributor

  • General distributors are people who have more consistent sales but not enough to meet exclusive distributor quota.
  • General distributors are not required to have a website or do any advertising online
  • General distributors earn a commission based on the set sales price agreed upon with Oberon. These distributors get a discount to help promote sales but must close sales on their own to receive full commission.


Exclusive Distributor

  • Exclusive distributors are granted EXCLUSIVE rights in a country or region to sell Oberon without anyone else interfering. Anyone else includes us at Oberon.
  • When we grant exclusive rights, we do not sell to people directly in that region or country. Only the set exclusive distributor can make Oberon sales in the region or country they are representing.
  • Exclusive distributors have an official contract.
  • Exclusive distributors are people who sell a certain number of systems a month to keep their excusive rights in the country. Big countries are divided by region or a larger number of sales are required to have rights to the entire country.
  • USA and Canada require 5 systems sold a month or divided by your region 2 systems a month.
  • Exclusive distributor compensation is typically 50%
  • Email us with the country you want to represent and we will talk about the number of systems required to sell to have exclusive rights in that region or country.
  • Exclusive distributors must have a website dedicated to Oberon OR have Oberon listed as a product on their existing website.
  • Oberon exclusive distributors must give demonstrations, find interested people and make themselves available for training to their group of training. (Help with training is still provided to all buyers)

The intangibles:

We understand that sales are not easy to make. Showing people what Oberon can do is the simplest step but people often have challenges and are not always able to commit right away or even afford a system. Exclusive distributors are given 6 months to prepare for the responsibility.

If quotas are not met for a short time, communication is important so we understand what is going on, what is needed and what struggles you may be facing. We will not terminate a contract with someone who is in communication with us. IF we are not hearing from you for months at a time and you are an exclusive distributor, we may terminate your contract due to lack of communication.

With any questions about distributorship, please email is at