Oberon FAQ

Oberon FAQ2018-04-10T19:09:13+00:00
What is TeamVIewer and how is it used?2019-07-09T05:34:36+00:00

TeamViewer is a screen sharing software without which we CANNOT provide technical support or have training sessions.

It is important that everyone who buys Oberon agrees to the use of TeamViewer.

TeamViewer allows access only when you allow it. The passwords to log in change every time you close the program.

There is absolutely no security concern with TeamVeiwer for the purpose of Oberon technical support or training.

ALL who buy Oberon must agree to the use of TeamViewer or use the system without technical support or personal training sessions.

What are the computer requirements for Oberon software?2019-07-09T05:35:10+00:00

Operating program: Windows 10

Computer space requirements: 12+ RAM space

Computer processor: Core i5 or Core i7 processor

If you have an older computer, using Mac parallels or have limited space, our technician can help with this via TeamViewer

How to Become an Oberon Biofeedback Exclusive Distributor?2018-03-20T23:11:06+00:00

Partnering with Oberon Biofeedback and getting an exclusive distributorship for a territory, city or even a whole country does not come easy. The potential partners need to meet strict qualifications and standards set by Oberon Biofeedback Executive team. In order to become an exclusive distributor, the interested party must meet the following criteria:

  • Should be motivated and passionate about health care
  • Should either be knowledgeable or qualified to learn about Bioresonance  field
  • Go through our training and become certified
  • Be able to invest time and resources for marketing
  • Purchase a unit for their demonstrations
  • Create a website or add Oberon Biofeedback to their existing website
  • Sell at least 1 Oberon a month in each territory/city/country for which they are interested to be a Distributor
  • Create advertising material for their country (handouts or brochures)

Once their application is approved and the territory assigned, distributors will undergo rigorous training  and will get full support from the technical staff and management of Oberon Biofeedback.

What is the Income Potential of the Business Opportunity?2018-03-20T23:10:44+00:00

There are two principal ways to create a profitable business by partnering with Oberon Biofeedback. Our Exclusive Distributors can share up to 50% in profits of every system sold and installed. Additional services provided to the clients could even provide residual income.

Although, it is possible for distributors to make five thousand to ten thousand dollars per month or more, statutorily we have to make it clear that  Oberon Biofeedback does not guarantee how much an individual distributor will actually make. It will depend on a number of factors beyond the control of Oberon Biofeedback. It will largely be dependent  on how much time and resources a  distributor can devote to marketing, sales and after sales service as well as on their skills, market conditions and other intangibles.

Alternatively, you can make handsome commissions on referrals that result in sale of our products. Referral fees are offered to those who are owners of Oberon Biofeedback and refer people to Oberon Biofeedback for a sale. Referral fees are discussed on a case by case basis with our customers before any sales are made.

For the referral, the customer must email us the name of the people they have been talking to so we recognize the names of people who contact us and can connect them to our various customers.

If you are not ready to make time and professional commitment required of a distributor  but are passionate to promote this alternative medicine approach and creating an extra income stream or in most likely scenario referrals are offered to those who are owners of Oberon Biofeedback and who refer people to Oberon Biofeedback for a sale.

What About Technical Training and Help?2018-03-20T23:10:12+00:00

Our distributors and partners are carefully chosen professionals who are very diligent and motivated to study and master the working of the machine and software as well as knowledgeable about bioresonance biofeedback.  Our  Director of training Diana takes special care and spares no efforts to make sure they are thoroughly trained and be able to provide after sales technical service to our customers. Being totally proficient with the subject and machines is one of the prerequisites for partnering with Oberon Biofeedback. This training is ongoing and Oberon technical staff is available for tackling even the most difficult or pressing problem. We provide personal training by appointment and online through Skype and Team Viewer.

Do you provide marketing training and help?2018-03-20T23:09:40+00:00

Our exclusive distributors , are professionals and well versed with their markets who have mastered the machine, the software and marketing environment of their territories. Although they know their are the best and develop their own marketing and sales processes, at Oberon we make sure we provide them the benefit of years of marketing and sales experience with our products.

Over the years we have developed a series of best practices and knowledge of what works and doesn’t work. We are very particular that our customers get the best technical and as well as high quality customer service.

We have been investing heavily in online marketing and have recently spent significant efforts to master local online digital marketing including search engine, social media and mobile marketing. We are happy to assist and advise our partners on our own or through our marketing agency who are experts in the field to help our partners market and sell our machines and service. We will be in a position to pass along these optimized marketing solutions. At this stage it is available in US only on a case by case basis but will be expanded in future.

What is the warranty on a Oberon machine?2018-03-20T19:50:42+00:00

Our warranty is for 3 years. It covers anything that goes wrong with the machine on its own as a manufacturer’s mishap. If the machine is broken as a result of a drop, spill, or anything else that was not caused by the manufacturer we typically do not replace those machines.
However, we are always willing to help and will help. In the years we have been working, we have not had to replace any units due to manufacturer’s mishaps and only have done a few replacements due to accidents. Our systems, although light and compact, are durable.

What is the return policy?2018-03-20T19:50:26+00:00

Oberon machines cannot be returned once purchased unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties in writing.
When purchasing an Oberon system, all our training material is provided and services as soon as you receive the machine. Training takes time and to really see results training is crucial. We cannot offer a 30 day money back warranty because during those 30 days we will spend time training, providing support and if returned, the system will be considered used.
If there is agreement of a 30 day money back warranty, full payment must be made first and if returned, $1,000 will be non-refundable.
Our training material is very valuable; many companies have copied it and used it to train on other systems.

What are the payment options for purchasing an Oberon Biofeedback unit?2018-03-20T19:50:03+00:00

We accept payment with PayPal, Wire Transfer and Credit cards. However PayPal and Credit cards payments will have an additional 5% fee if outside of USA and 3% within the USA.

How are software updates distributed?2018-03-20T19:49:46+00:00

Software updates are optional and the buyer’s responsibility to check in using email to ask if software updates are ready. They are free and distributed through email but it is not the manufacturer’s responsibility to notify of any software updates. Most of the time we will send an email notifying of software update, however we expect our clients to let us know if they need an update or have a problem with their current software.

Where are Oberon machines manufactures?2018-03-20T19:49:32+00:00

Oberon machines are manufactured in Russia.

How much is the shipping cost?2019-10-10T23:33:13+00:00

Within the USA shipping is $50, outside of the USA shipping cost is an extra $100 USD.

How long does a unit take to ship after purchase?2018-03-20T19:48:35+00:00

We ship with FedEx if outside of the USA and USPS Priority mail if shipped within the USA. Each shipping method takes 2-3 days to deliver.