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The Best Biofeedback Care for your Best Friends

Oberon for dogs is a naturopathic analysis and therapy system which supports non-linear system analysis (NLS). Oberon measures the frequencies of dogs and horses the same way it measures human frequencies and compares to the available database of pathology to identify and prevent illness development. Every cell generates a specific frequency from the rotation of the atoms in the cells. Organs have specific wave lengths by which they are identified and which are used to pinpoint any imbalance. Oberon database stores frequencies from all pathological and microorganism frequencies to help identify and prevent any development. Oberon works perfect as a biofeedback for dogs and horses!

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We are able to predict the so called entropy or loss of frequency from the cell and have the ability to self-regulate these losses and threats to the healthy tissue. The trigger sensor in headset strap send modulated signal with a specific wavelength into the body of the horse or dog activating the regulatory centers responsible for the information exchange and balance those threats.

With the Oberon system, problems can be detected in stages before any physical symptoms occur making this the most powerful and important device in preventative health. It is non-invasive, completely safe without side effects and based on the most solid measurements of health and neuropathways. Therapy follows any found pathological similarity and allows for balancing to avoid any further damage to the body.