Oberon software is not a system but a network, a family and a team of like-minded people who appreciate what they are able to do and speak up when changes need to happen. Within our company, we do not treat people on a transaction basis. Yes, our network is made up of people who have purchased our Oberon, but that transaction is once and for always designed to benefit the buyer. Essentially it is a membership fee which you pay once in a lifetime. Here at Oberon, we hold our buyers accountable to a standard of excellence which helps each person achieve miraculous results with our system. Just as in any family, here at Oberon, we want the very best for members and will push every person to be their best.

It is no coincidence that other companies are our imitators. Quality of our system comes not from a written software but from the internal contributors who spend days, nights, weeks, months and years developing, improving, innovating and recreating “NLS Biofeedback” use and methods. No one can replace our nucleus and the heart of who we are.

We understand the importance of preserving the 30+-year-old database which made Oberon software possible. We cannot compromise the accuracy and therapy efficiency for fancy software. There are several companies on the market offering such toys. Here at Oberon, we are serious about the quality of what we sell. It is incredibly evil to bankrupt people for a product incapable of delivering on the high claims in the advertisings. There are far too many individuals seeing Oberon as an opportunity to exploit sick people and we do not have room for those individuals.

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Oberon software has changed incredibly over the last five years!

“I have to tell you that I looked at the Physiospect software and it is very outdated like the very first one we had when I bought the Oberon four years ago or more and very complicated, they give no support or training and their price is outrageous $40 thousand AUS dollars…”.

-Linda McFadyen

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We update our software often to keep processes as simple as possible. However, not everything can be changed and to protect the software we do not make ALL requested changes. We lead change while others imitate and we select the people we work with care because we are searching for members who understand, appreciate and value the efforts we’ve made, the efforts we will continue to make on their behalf and changing the future together.