“To all the people who are looking for buy a OBERON system and having the suppliers complete technical support has been wonderful. Head office support is always voluntary given. We are pleased and reassured to know that Diana is just a phone call or an email away. Both of us are extremely impressed with the Oberon System especially the rate of its accuracy. It is unparalleled to any system we have experienced or come across. Its effectiveness has produced incredible results among our client base.”

Brigitte Veith / Lena Mascarin, Bio resonance Practitioners / Canada

Dear Diana:

Thank you so much for your responsiveness and help all of the time!  Each time I experience something that I do not know or understand, you are there to respond in a very timely manner.  As you know, I have been working with the device since 2008 and I continue to find it extremely accurate.  Frankly, I continue to be amazed by its accuracy, as do my clients.  I have compared the results of the Oberon with blood tests, x-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans and each and every time the device has appropriately and effectively corroborated the results of those tests.  Remarkable to say the least!Thank you to the developers of this device, as they are keenly aware of the necessity for accuracy and how detecting frequency imbalances at an early stage is able to enhance health and well being.  And, thank you to you and Tony for always supporting us with exemplary service.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated by all.Thank you”

Sandy Klang, Bio resonance Practitioner / San Francisco, USA

My husbands’ shoulder was hurting, and he was unable to raise his arm above his shoulder. He felt improvement after the first meta-therapy session. By the 5th session he was able to raise his arm above his shoulder. I performed scans on both shoulders and meta-therapy (scanned bone, joint, muscle, lymph notes, nerves and vessels).

Gabi, Canada

My daughter is a swimmer at the college level. Three years ago she tore her labrum in her hip. Had surgery to repair and fixed the impingement. She has not been out of pain since before the tear. This is her second year swimming for Case and many nights, talks to me on the phone telling me about her pain and she hasn’t dropped any time in her race since the surgery 2 years ago. I scanned and gave her hip a lot of therApy one weekend. She dropped 5 seconds in one event and 3 in another! The coach even congratulated her because she never stops working. Never misses a practice no matter how much pain.

Janie, OHIO, USA

“The Oberon machine is simply amazing and incredibly accurate.  Often times, my clients can’t believe the results by simply wearing a pair of specialized headsets.  There are many operations the machine can do, and it can take time to master them.  However, the basics can be learned in just a few hours or less.  The training videos walk you step-by-step on how to perform many of the functions. I love the ability to simply call or email if I have a question. and Diana is always available to answer in questions the same day.  Both the Oberon machine, and support/training are equally amazing!”

Dr. Janet Smith, Naturopathic Doctor / United Kingdom

“Diana is the greatest trainer of the Oberon machine… she is very generous with her time and even after the initial training she is always there to answer questions… very quickly.  She has great confidence in the machine due to her personal experience therefore emits confidence to those of us who are going to be seeing clients. I am always amazed at her patience and willingness to make sure that I understand all of the ins and outs of this machine. She keeps up to date videos online which make it easy to learn.

Thank you Diana!”

Nikki Spencer, Biofeedback Practicioner / Hawaii, USA

People are finding out my work with Oberon and are telling a lot of others to check it out. They are amazed by what they are seeing causing them to take their health more seriously. The images with the markings indicating strengths and weakness are empowering. It gives them hope that something so non-invasive can so correctly reflect what they know. Then we make a game plan to balance their health situation. Thank you for your patience in answering my many questions. Your company is honest concerning teaching anyone wanting to learn what this program can do. Great Support!

Claudia Suen, Biofeedback Practitioner / Hawaii

“I think Oberon is the ultimate in therapy and we have a lot of feedback from clients, the diagnosis is 99% accurate in all cases and the therapies are the same. I had a client who had eye glaucoma and macula problems we did therapy three times in one week then he was sent to major clinic for operation and they could not find anything to operate for. Then there was a guy with prostate cancer stage 4 he had three weeks of therapy along with the Biomat and there was nothing for them to operate for. I just love what we can do and it is thanks to you and your team!”

Linda McFadyen, Biofeedback Practitioner / Australia

“I have spent 15 years investigating many biofeedback technologies. I had actually bought NLS biofeedback initially from Taiwan  (5D-NLS). However, after testing it and trying to use it in my clinic. I was faced with many technical issues.
Eventually I got in contact with Diana of Oberon Biofeedback. I took the risk to buy another set again. Upon receiving it, I put this new system to actual operation with my patients. Till date I am already operating Oberon successfully   in Singapore, India, Dubai, and China .
Despite my hectic schedule , I am constantly promoting Oberon in several countries .
I have work with Oberon Biofeedback for the last 3 years and it is now my most important  health screening tool in my Clinic and all my partner clinic.
I will be very glad to offer operational support through Diana of Oberon to all Oberon partner and new partner.
I am fully committed  to supporting Oberon Biofeedback despite the fact that there are many other brands on the market. Oberon has provided me the necessary screening and evaluation program needed to have a successful health management  business which is now available in my franchisee center in Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, New Delhi, Hydrabah and China.”

Dr. Michael Tan, Natupath Singapore / Dubai and China

“Oberon is the best equipment for bio-resonance ever created! An effective tool in pre-clinical diagnosis in any clinic and doctor/naturopath/homeopathy/acupuncturist practice. I speak as a physician and Oberon Biofeedback user. Conference and lectures have been few and colleagues in medical and natural medicine have worshipped, albeit with some initial skepticism, but all end up being amazed with the capabilities of OBERON BIOFEEDBACK!”

Dr. Mário Tinoco, Medicina Oral Clínica Geral em Naturopatia Acupunctura –Homeopatia / Portugal

“ I wore glasses for the last 9 years…tri focal, with a muscle corrector. I started remedies made with Oberon and 3 weeks later I was out for dinner with a friend, as conversation started I realized that I was did not have a tension head ache and was not wearing my glasses! Normally I would have a tension head ache within minutes of not wearing those glasses. I have not worn glasses in six weeks and no headaches!”

Brigitte Veith, Biofeedback Practitioner / Canada

“Along with my experience as a Nutritional Therapist and loan of a different bioresonance machine or a number of months I was really excited when I opted to buy the Oberon machine. As a complete beginner with the machine I found that the information and graphics presented by the Oberon to be very impressive. I just needed to know how to use it properly! This was where the Oberon Biofeedback training and Diana in particular came in. I was very grateful for the training. With the use of Skype and TeamViewer it enabled us to communicate directly and for Diane to actually show me how to operate different functions of the device. So, although I still have a way to go with regards to totally integrating it into my practice, the training sessions have been a massive help. In addition, videos have been sent through which reinforce key Oberon procedures which are a useful refresher. Being able to both talk and see how the machine worked was excellent but the “icing on the cake” was when the instructions Diana typed out or my queries and her responses were put into Notes, so that I now have a permanent record of the training session, like my own personal manual that I can refer back to as and when!”

Bill Taylor, Biofeedback Practitioner / United Kingdom