Oberon Biofeedback is a family company established fifteen years ago and in partnership with Oberon manufacturer and software developer in Russia. What started out as a simple distributorship opportunity for us with Oberon in Russia, became an equal partnership and now a worldwide Oberon operation.

Oberon consists of four partners who are heads of four departments:


Software Development



In the United States, Anatoliy Vykhovnets and Diana Brown are directors of sales and training. Technical support is a combination of USA and Russia office responsibilities which are shared by appointment when help is needed.

NLS Bioresonance system Oberon is NOT FDA approved and we have no desire to have FDA approval based on the fact that the FDA does not prioritize human lives in terms of preventative health. Because of this reason, our manufacturer and software developer are not accessible to Oberon buyers except special circumstances.

Beyond Oberon production, improvements and methods, Oberon Biofeedback is dedicated to donating to orphans in Ukraine. Our origins are from Ukraine and so we feel a responsibility to help the country and place from which we come from. 10% of all Oberon sales go to these children. Everyone who has an Oberon system has contributed t these children and for that we are grateful!

Over the last 15 years of our involvement and expanding the Oberon brand, we have met many NLS manufacturers and learned that MOST manufacturers are happy with copying others software, amending it slightly to give a “different” look and selling it as is. As we started out in the beginning, we decided to go over everything in detail and make sure that we had the proper training materials, that software was consistent and that we could change, improve and perfect the software over time.

Those who have worked with us and had our system from the beginning of our involvement have seen massive improvements in our software and continue to work with Oberon. We are the only “family” business representing and manufacturing NLS Biofeedback systems. Our commitment to our buyers is deeper, more authentic and with all dedication. We value and understand the financial and timely sacrifice of our users in order to work on their health and the health of their patients. Oberon is us and we are Oberon. He has committed fully to the advancement and distribution of Oberon which we believe can heal, improve and transform human health. That is what we believe in and we invite you to see for yourself what Oberon is really about.