Biofeedback systems, particularly Russian made or Biofeedback systems called “NLS Systems” originally came from Russia. Developed for space travelers as a full body scanning tool and eventually becoming the most imitated system in the world! NLS systems were originally created by two partners who eventually had a dispute and decided to make their own version of the same things, using same exact research. According to this story, there should be only 2 original NLS Biofeedback systems companies and yet there are dozens. Let’s analyze the NLS biofeedback market a little more in depth.

The amount of cloned systems available is overwhelming and frustrates interested buyers so much that they often pay too much or too little for a product each company says is made “original” with them. It is true that many of these companies share database information but not all software developers are made equal and some systems comes with a lot more problems then they are worth. The inability to address software problems indicates two things: incompetence and theft. True creators of NLS software know their creations in and out. There is absolutely nothing they do not know about their own handiwork and this is the very thing that separates the real system from the copies.

NLS Biofeedback Market

Software value is the bulk of the cost of Biofeedback: DNA/RNA Scanning

Copies are not alwaysthe focus of our concern with the biofeedback market. It is the multimillion dollar companies who sell systems at a cost far too high for anyone to afford with a profit margin contradictory to our health and wellness field. Yes, there are people who can spend money without thought, but for most people, expensive testing, treatment and medication are not paid for in cash; especially in cases of serious illness. If a system costs over $10,000 you should be getting a substantial amount of personal help, extensive training, ongoing software updates, technical support and ongoing access to material. If you are not offered all those things for such a cost, it is likely that you are paying too much.

Oberon is not a complicated system and yet it offers results with explanations deeper and more details then any other system of its kind, for its price and for its features. Many of the more expensive brands sell outdated software with absolutely no updates and ongoing support. Then what is the reason for the price?! Software and support is most costly to a company so there has to be an appropriate cost involved. If a system is $1,500 how can that company survive? They survive by investing nothing into research and copying other peoples work. When thinking about what system to buy, consider your own integrity and they people behind these systems. Are you okay with knowing you are using a system which was made by steaking the hard work of other.

NLS Biofeedback Market

Lysosome Scan Option